The Rainbow Sky

February 24, 2020

I love how big God is and that He can communicate with us anytime, anywhere. On Wednesday, my anytime, anywhere was an airplane heading to Florida to spend time with my family.

Thanks to an amazing friend and an amazing ride to the airport, I was reminded that I needed to ask God to bless this weekend. Which as a side note I know it is going to be amazing! 

So as I was looking out the window and praying, I realize that my view was quite possibly the most beautiful sky I had ever seen. I am so mad I didn’t get a picture of it but it may have been for the best as I was just able to sit and take it all in.

Please forgive my lacking words, I will never be able to give that sky justice. But along the whole skyline, as far as I could see, there was the most brilliant shades of oranges, reds and pinks. Then as I continued to get lost in what God had created I realized that there were other colors that all blended into the most incredible blue sky.

Like I said my words would never be able to describe how beautiful it was but just picture the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

I then realized that the whole sky had been turned into an enormous rainbow. And then I was starting to get it. Rainbows equal promises. 

God has promised me so much lately, but it has been really hard to hold onto those promises. In some situations it has felt like things have gotten even worse instead of showing any signs of getting better. 

As I continued to stare out of my tiny window and the plane turned, the sky very quickly changed to dark and the once beautiful colors now looked gray and almost dreary. 

Wait a minute God what happened to the rainbow? 

What happened to the things you have promised me?

I realized this is so often what happens in my own life. He shows me glimpses of the promises and the second things go wrong or get dark I wonder where He has gone and why the promises are taking so long to come together.

After asking my questions it was almost as if God whispered:

Even if it gets dark my promises are still true. Just because all you see right now is a dark sky does it mean that the rainbow sky from a minute ago didn’t exist?

Of course I knew the answer to that. I saw the beauty of that sky with my own eyes, so even though I couldn’t see it anymore I know it was there.

This is the kind of faith that God wants me to have. 

The kind of faith that can really believe that His promises are coming even if my whole world goes black. 

The kind of faith that can look past what my eyes see everyday and dare to believe that even when it looks bad there is something so much greater than me happening. 

The kind of faith that can trust that God knows what He is doing and so no matter what He has a plan.

The kind of faith that can believe in something that I have never actually seen.

We have talked a lot in church lately about how God does not respond to our needs but rather He responds to our faith. So I am thankful for times like these when He graciously chooses to teach me about the kind of faith He desires from all of us.

On a side note, my mom has her two month scan today to see what is going on and to see if the chemo has been working. 

Even the fact that I get to be home for this is another one of God’s blessings and further proof that He is holding this whole situation together. I had a feeling I would be home for some appointment but was not sure how that would all work out but God knew all along.

So as we wait on the results we will choose to believe and hold onto what He has promised us and that is her complete and total healing. So no matter what the test shows or what things look like we will still dare to hold tightly to what He has promised us. 

I hope I can always remember that the rainbow sky does exist!

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